Binaural recording from France – Chris vs Zarif

polish showdown competition – bineural live

Hey all, We invite you to hear showdown polish championship. Click on these links.
first day:
second day:
Use your headphones.

Who we are

I think it could be interesting to know a bit more about people who are writting here. Each of us will write a few words about ourselves:

My nick here is Baltim. In fact I am Krystian Kisiel from Poland.
I have started play showdown in 2013. Showdown is my hobby, job and something which allowed me to write blog in english;P
My best achievments:

– 3th place at the world championship in individual category in 2017
– 1st place in team competition at the world championship in 2017,
– 2th place in individual category at the european championship in 2016,
– 1st place in team competition at the european championship in 2016,
– 2nd place in team competition at the european championship in 2018,
– 1st place in the team competition at the world championship in 2019
– 1st place in European top12 in november 2019.

I am very proud of the last achievment. European top12 is very hard tournament because you have to play 11 games with the best players in Europe and you have to do it in only 2 days.

I want to encourage you to play showdown and maybe we will meet each other at the showdown table on any competitions soon.

Except showdown I like reading fantasy books, listening to polish rap music, and sometime sscandynavian folk. I also study psychology.

I am Monika.
I am not very good at showdown but I love this game from all my heart. First time I have heard about the game when I decided to visit Krystian at one of tournaments in Prague. I got in love at once and one year later I was a player of the same tournament. I train every week, on sunday in one of belgian clubs, but I have no chance to get really good, cause we don't have any trainer, everybody tries to play the best she or he can. But in showdown, like in any sport, on certain level, you have to have somebody who can look at you and tell you about mistakes you do, who can advise you something and just let you play better. I still believe that one day I will be much better than today. But even if not, that is still a big love of my life and playing, better or worse, just is giving me so much pleasure, that I strongly recomend you to try the same.

Beside showdown I love reading books, cooking, trying good things to eat and drink, nice perfumes, little children, cats and inteligent people. I believe in humanbeing and I am really happy person who tries to appreciate every single day.

I am Polish but I live in Belgium. I also love traveling and I am interested in arabic culture. Feel free if you want to ask me something more.

I am Mateusz, known as papierek here. I am Polish also. Actually, i have no special achievements in showdown, i have 10th place in Poland, but i can play quite well. Showdown is my passion too. Krystian has made me crazy about it, and we have played for hours even if we didn't know how to play. 😀
My other hobbies are regge music, and fantasy books like the demonic cycle, witcher, sword of the thruth, etc. Also, I study Information technology on university. Despite it i always try to find time for showdown.

Do you play showdown?

Hello all.
Here you can share your own experience with showdown. That is interesting how many people play it, how many of them find it interesting and how the showdown is treated in different countries. Feel free and leave your comment!


If you like sports, maybe this blog is for you.
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